Thursday, February 23, 2012

Oh that she's frowning!...

oh that she's frowning
oh see her scorn
makes me go weak again
makes me love her more!

the way her eyes look at me
the way she tries to show anger
only tells me she loves me so -
only tells me to love her more!

she tells me she wont talk to me
but she wants me to talk right now!
she looks away but she looks for me -
only making me pine for her more!

she catches my smile
and tries to send back a frown..
to tell me hidden behind that veil
is a heart that loves me more :)

- David Antony, 02/23

Thursday, February 16, 2012

On a High!...

i'd like to romance
all of them
in my own time
in my own style
as one by one
they appear
dancing in front of my eyes
teasing, seducing
leaving me high, sometimes dry...

i'd like to be touched
by all of them
in their own time
in their own style
one by one
they touch
and are gone
walking in front of my eyes
alluring, enticing
sometimes i ask how, sometimes why...

i'd like to succumb
to all of them
in their own time
in their own style
one by one, and together
i feel them
and then dont
playing on my mind
revealing, reveling
sometimes i feel high, sometimes i sigh... :)

for the joy of writing, and the company of words
to their reveling, revealing, alluring
I lay bare…I give in.. I am on high.. I sigh…

- David Antony, 02/16

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

He writes, in his heart...

the beauty of his lips touching yours
far surpasses a poet's verse
but when he speaks of moments such
it's beauty breathes life in his words

for he spoke not of things grand
nor things yet unseen, untold
your faintest smile, your simplest glance
in his heart he writes and holds :)

David Antony, 02/14

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Beyond the 14" inch screen...

"lol", she said,
or she laughed?
yes, i guess she did
at me? my jokes?
Couldnt figure out yet
behind and beyond this mesh
of wires, screens and IM windows
"lol" is all that it showed...

we talked
about our dreams
the horizons we'd travel to
today? tomorrow?
couldnt say when
for hidden behind all these windows
beyond my fourteen inch screen
was a smile i hadnt yet seen..

days, months went by
and the laugh, i hadnt heard
the smile not seen yet
when? anytime soon?
wasn't sure if i would
but i still looked up and called out
right across the room she sat, still
and "lol", she said, "look at your screen and reply, you will?"