Saturday, January 28, 2012

Our Story

the lips i kissed
the hand i held
the breath i felt
wasnt yours..

the dreams i saw
the hurts i bore
the path i trod
were all mine...

the flowers i plucked
the lines i wrote
the tunes i hummed
werent for you

the sighs that passed
the tumult that brewed
the tears that flowed
were all mine....

the pages that were turned
the book that was shut
the story that ended
is ours.


(Photo clicked @ Powai lake, Bombay, May 2009)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Rescuing the wings

(we were doing random tp when this pigeon fell in front of us - it was injured; We tried to locate vets around and finally had to rush it to the Parel Animal hospital hoping it would surive. It did not. Dedicating this one to the wings that wont spread again...)

Fly away,
you have wings..
Soar, glide
the sky's in your stride!

You stare at me helpless
i do likewise...
you have wings, can't fly
with none, i want to take to skies

hurt in the heart -
does that clip your wings?
The pain must be much to bear
can see it in your stare...

breathe not, like this
as if it is your last
am hoping the heart mends
help is round the bend!

you blinked once, twice
was that to say good bye?
i will never know...
Maybe, i'll ask the skies...