Sunday, November 27, 2005


About the birds of the air,
and the fish in the seas,
About the color of her hair
and the smile that I see!

About my days in the sun
and the days that I wept
About the one and only one
And my heart that she’s kept!

About the stars in the sky,
and the twinkle in her eye
About the times, she asked why
and the times I had to lie!

About the dreams in my eye
and the longings of my heart
About the feeling that makes me cry
and how it tears my heart apart!

About what if she says a no
and what if it is a yes
About her love that I don’t know
and what if I make a mess?

I think of all these things
and I wait in joyful glee
just to know her feelings,
and what she thinks about me!

- David Antony
This is the answer that came to my mind when someone asked me in the morning, "What are you thinking about?"

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Valentine’s…
This is a true story that happened to me during my wonder was my junior college days and there was this cute dame, who was as cute as she could be.....i was delighted, thrilled, and enthralled as the Valentine's day was fast approaching. But something special happened on that day, which changed my life forever........this is what happened:
Happy Valentine’s…

What an awful fall it was
Don’t ask me when and how
The day I fell for that stupid bait
The day I fell in love

I was standing by the college wall
With a faithful friend of mine
I waited for the perfect girl
Who would be my Valentine

Oh! that smile that made me fall-
To never rise up again
Oh that eyes that injured my heart-
I still remember that pain

She walked into my class that day
And straight into my heart
She smiled at me. No big deal
But I knew that was a start

She walked across the lawn that day
With a beautiful rose in hand
Perplexed, anxious, and confused- I stood
But my knees wouldn’t help me stand

I was standing on the other side
And she was walking across to me
Our eyes – they met and my heart- it leapt
With joy and with endless glee

I remember the day- that awesome day
It was the Valentine’s
She came to me and she gave the rose
To the ‘faithful’ friend of mine!

I didn’t cry. No, I didn’t laugh
But managed to flash a smile
I did brood and I was sad
But that was just for a while

She came to me- hand-in-hand
With the ‘faithful’ friend of mine
I beamed with joy and wished them both
A happy Valentine’s!

I no longer stand by the college wall
In search of a Valentine
Someone, Somewhere…….is waiting for me
Who will be mine………just MINE!
Heartbreakingly yours,
David Antony

Thursday, November 10, 2005

A thousand words………

A thousand words can never convey
The feeling I have for you...

A thousand sighs can’t express
How much I do miss you...

A thousand roses can’t describe
The beauty that resides in you..

A thousand rainbows can never paint
My love that’s just for you..

A thousand birds can never sing
The song in my heart for you..

A thousand hearts can never beat
The way my heart beats for you!

- dedicated to the unknown 'you' of my life!