Thursday, May 17, 2012

You have a knack!...

dont you have a knack
of running on my mind?
when i close the doors
secret windows you somehow find!

and when i close the secret windows
and secure my mind for sure
you seep in through the li'l cracks
and run my thoughts impure!

is that what Elvis picked -
when he sang "devil in disguise?"
for when you sneak in to my mind
i am no longer sane nor wise

Elvis really sang his mind
and mine sings in chorus too -
"wise men say only fools rush in"
and that's why i fall for you!

now as i start to count -
one and two and three...
of the times i've fallen for you
i lose count in the counting spree

okay, one more time...
one last, that it would be
i will free fall once again
for you, my cup of coffee! ;)

- DA, 05/17

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The street car named Desire!

The streetcar named desire
ran me over, ran me to ground
with thoughts so precise
and views so profound
or so i thought...
I still couldn’t stand my ground,
couldn’t throw up arguments
for desire ruled the roost
crazy's the case i present
or so i thought...

I still couldn't make a point,
still could not say no
i fancied myself a chance
for i had a reputation to show
or so i thought...
and zealously tried to fight it -
fought till i could no more
for now, i give in to desire
there will be more wars in store
or so i think.. ;)

- DA, 05/08/2012