Friday, April 06, 2012


kisi botal mein na samaaye
aisa nasha ho tum
jamaaye rakhe mehfil hameshaa
aisa samaa ho tum

ab iss nashe se nashaa kar lein
bass itna kara do tum
aur is same mein samaa jao
bass mehfil mehkaa do tum!

David Antony, 04/04
(#random attempts at hindi verse...)

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

She Doesn't Even Know!...

(So my biggest crush is going away today - and i know she is...and i don't even know her name.. so this goes out to her :-) ....)

she says good bye today
to people around her
and i feel it weighing down
my heart, my smile.... oh! and
the best thing is?
she doesn't even know!

it was serendipity
even before i knew what
the word meant or was supposed
to mean... she happened to me
and the funny thing is -
she doesn't even know!!

she doesn't even know
that someone admires her
and smiles at her joy-inducing smile
adds her to the count of little joys in his life
and now he says a muted good bye,
which, she will not see… not know!!!

David Antony,