Wednesday, May 07, 2014

That time...

the night is young
wont you be mine?
wont you stay a li'l while?
maybe dance longer on my wrist?
Tempt me good - 
yeah, tempt me bad!

i'd rather stay
and see you smile
but you dont given in -
just escape, you wily thing
you push me far,
you pull me back!

yet i wait for you
for those moments
the silence of the night
muted screams of delight!
You make me smile,
you make me frown!

i look forward 
to seeing you tonight
as you reveal 
yourself, bit by bit
you show me some
and then you hide!

and so goes, 
those hours - every night
in a sensuous rush - every chime!
lo behold, such is time....
she makes you wait,
she makes you pine!