Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Spelling Mistake...

he spelt it wrong, your name
first time around and then
he faltered with the punctuation
but did he get the meaning wrong?
or did you notice only such things
like grammar, but not the lyrics of the song?


you spelt it right, his name
every time you did so
and never faltered with the commas
or with the million rules of grammar
but did you convey what your heart said?
or just noticed how much and where he erred?


maybe you both got it wrong
first time around and every time since
and maybe you spoke on different planes
and thereby thought about different stakes
maybe you were an adjective as in the thesaurus
and he was just a spelling mistake...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Walls...

all around, four walls
silent, gazing, unmoved but there
they have seen people come and go
and they have only been fair
to hear, not hear
but stand still, at ease
and speak or not speak of
what transpired - tumult or bliss?

if they could speak
if they could tell each other
what they thought of some
and what they thought of the others
would they speak of the people
the ones that came in and walked out...
would they speak of the silence
and how some souls ramble about?

joined shoulder to shoulder
looking at each other night and day
would they talk about the lonely eyes
that stared at them from near yet away
about the passion shared,
and would they speak of the throes
the gasps and the shudder and the whispers?
would they talk about everything they've heard and known?

of the lonely soul that longed for company
the listless couple that longed to be alone
of the kindly soul with a smile of gold?
and the cruel man with a heart of stone?
would they cry with the broken hearts
and shed tears of joy and sorrow as shed?
launch sighs at the sighful moments
and shudder as they see things they dread?

they might, they might not
we dont know but people, they
will come and they will go - journey
through their lives and at some point stay
enclosed by these walls, looking up, wondering
do they see and hear me? will they
talk about  me when am gone?
they might, they might not - that's all i can say...

David Antony

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Search...

Why do I look for you
In the streets, in the sky? everyone I see
in the clouds passing by?

Why do I crane my neck
to look for you in the flowers?
And stare at my watch,
finding you in every moment, every hour?

Why do I look everywhere
when I know you are on my mind…
..and in my heart, isn’t that where I should
look and isn’t that where you, I’ll find?

David Antony

Thursday, March 08, 2012

hApPy Women's Day!

To all the wonderful women i've known, crossed paths with, and walked together...

Thursday, March 01, 2012

An Answer to The Elevenses Tag!

A quick background: 

So Usha, who is on a Quest on Overdrive writes really amazing stuff and i land up on her post like a night owl in no time :D one fine morning in the middle of the night ;) i see this post, The Elevenses Tag :) and find that am tagged and have to answer eleven questions about myself... the lady is generous enough to give me the choice of replying in prose on my other blog or try it poetically here... i took the path less traveled and that has made all the difference :P - as in i became the procrastinator i am and managed to finally write only last night...and here i am:

The 11 questions, i had to answer about myself:
1. In one word, what have you gained, in life, that you hold most precious? (there, that rules out “weight” )
2. In three words, a pet peeve?
3. A word you think you use a lot, unconsciously ?
4. What is it that you love to do, most, and would rather spend your time doing it
5. What do you think others think of you?
6. Who would you say made you who you are today (other than your parents, if that is what you would answer )
7. What gives you joy?
8. Your all time inspiration?
9. If you could go back to one moment in your past, which moment would it be?
10. Do you believe in alternate lifetimes? If so, what is the you there doing now? (It’s actually one question, with two parts )
11. What makes you you?

And my answers:
Open notepad,
big smiles - and i sit and wonder
for days since i've got the tag....
to rhyme or not to
might be the question
but are the answers ready in my bag?

Dig deep,
dig more - and i speak of wonders
for i know the answer, know the trend
in one word, what i have gained
that's close and most precious
it has to be, without blinking, my super-awesome friends!

Think now,
a li'l more - a pet peeve?
and say it in as many words, but three!
the first thing that strikes my mind
the first thing i will say is - honking
is a "sin (of the) highest degree"!

Recall now,
Consciously and not -
the word i use the most?
when happy, super-happy
and even when am sad -
"Awesomeness", takes the toast!

Blush now,
for i need to say
what is that the most i love?

i dont have to think much
for i love the rains and the mist the most
and to spend time in the rain and how!

I do not think
of what others think of me
for i am on the brink of insanity
and if they think of me so
i would grin, shamelessly so
and keep smiling in endless glee!

run the scenes of my life
to think what made me who i am today
can't pin point on one li'l-big thing
has to be a mix of experiences
- a mix of the black, white and the gray!

Hark, we speak of joy!
and do i not smile?
when we think of this prospect bright?
for it is easy to make me happy

li'l things are all that matter; but for now
i can say, it gives me joy any day to sit, grin, and write :D

they come to me
in all shapes and sizes and styles
i get inspired by the smallest of things
the sight of rains, the feel of mist
a kind word or the simplest of smiles!

Travel in time?
and if i could go back to
one moment in my past...
will definetely be to the dingy hostel room
where we made friends for a lifetime
where we fought, laughed, and had a blast!

Lifetime number two?
oh yes, i do and right now
i am flying... and this cape doesnt fit right
but i will get there, will save the world
when am done with saving myself of
this tangled cape and be able to sit upright! ;)

what makes me, me
is again a mix of things
a pinch of salt, hint of spice, a dash of lime
such is the concoction
and when shaken together
stirred/unstirred and you have me at my prime! :D

03/01, David Antony