Friday, October 25, 2013

thirty three!!

pretty tease, you
yeah, that's right
you shake me
you give me the fright!

pretty teased, me
yeah, very right
you've had me
now, cant stand upright!

if i had you
very much so
wouldnt that be
good to know!?

there, there goes you
oh, yes, i see
wouldnt that be
the girl number thirty three?

and three?
yes, you got me right!
and the idea of thirty fourth,
gives me the fright! :D

Friday, May 17, 2013

You and i or we and us?

how do i belong to you
when you do not belong to me
how do we belong to us
when both of us don't belong to"we"

of you and i and we and us
and all the drama and the fuss
when everything settles down
it won't amount to mush or much

so the point that i allude to again
is that since we are no longer us
why don't we take a final ride
upon the good-old-rickety bus

the bus that we got on to once
and have traveled thus far and glee
let us take that route again
as you and i, no longer we

and when arrive those familiar stops
you go yours and i'll go mine
for our hands wont be again
like before, intertwined...

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Where art thou?

"Where art thou",
she asked and
i couldn't say here
neither could i point there
for i wasn't anywhere
yet, i was here and there...

i asked the same question
when i looked into the mirror
i got back a stare
of a man not knowing
why, when or where
just that the answer was rooted in the stare

now how do i say
i am living in a state 
suspended between fact and fiction
in the thick of action
yet tucked away from glare
all covered but bare...

after weaving words
in an organized, random chaos
i still cannot say where i am
but i want to be back
only if i could cut some slack
and be more real.

real, unreal, surreal
is what am vaccilating between
only if i stopped at one place
feet firmly on the ground - i could be sure
and tell you or maybe shout out, M'am
here i am :)

(in reply to Usha's question..... )

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Tap Dance

your fingers tap dance
oh they bestow this pain
don’t you play on me like that
lending an illusion of rain

while your dance produces
words of love, lust and chains
of thoughts that play
in delight sometimes, and sometimes in disdain

i like it when you glide on me
your touch of benevolent grace
and the times when you pause
and look down on my face

but when you're done with me
you tap on me no more
and tuck me away somewhere
waiting for more taps in store

take me out, i wait
for your touch again this time
you wouldn't find a better keyboard
for what you shell out in dimes!

The Ground Beneath my Feet...

Who moved the ground
beneath my feet?
Was it that look,
or is that how you treat
every eye that looks at
your graceful smile
and every heart that
beats in ways so wild?!

As i stay suspended mid-air
with the ground beneath me gone
i wonder if i'll fly
or be flung down like a stone? -
come what may, i know
i dont have a chance
i know i am falling
i might as well dance! :)