Thursday, January 22, 2009

Living right, wrong,
living full, living at all...
Ain't they all relative?

i seek, i ask,
who can tell me?

Who can tell me more
so i receive what i seek
and be answered to what i ask....

Laughing right, wrong
laughing the right amount...
Ain't that subjective?

i knock, i call out
so that the answer be opened to me
and someone hears my call...

Too high, too low
or is it in between?
Ain't that estimative?

i measure, i ask myself
so that i know the right dimension
and realization, dawns upon....

Too near, very far,
or nearer than afar
aint that perspective?

i presume, i fear,
would someone assure me
and allay my fears?...

David Antony,