Monday, November 19, 2007

It Rained Today...

it rained today..
and i thought about you...
the last time it rained..
we were together - me and you...

Well, the rains are here again,
soothing, soaking the land, the mind
if only you were with me,
a rainbow i could find..

i kept walking on -
raindrops hitting my head,
they kept speaking to my heart,
like a thousand words unsaid..

they spoke about those moments,
the ones i long to relive -
the moments i miss the most..
the magic those moments weaved...

it stopped raining,
but the land was wet, kissed by the rain..
and my mind, my eyes - wet..
kissed by the memories, by pain..

am waiting, waiting for you..
waiting to be together again,
and for the rainbow; for
when we're together, it will rain...

David Antony,