Monday, January 31, 2011

The Fling! ;-)

what is it
but a feeling first..
and slowly surely,
there's a fling burst ;)

and then this fling
takes you where
your thoughts have not
it lays bare -

the real and the unreal,
such is a flight
Tw'ixt dreams and the real
oh and then surely the plight?

yes, when they land
these unreal flights
with a jolt here and there –
lo behold, there's a fight :D

from the feeling to the fling
and when it turns to a flight
all is well, yes, all is
until the flight turns a fight ;)

so before you get into
feeling the fling –
beware my friend!
of such rambling! :D

To hide...

to hide from her smile,
from that teasing glance
and to sneak a look
when i have a chance...

to hide from her laughter -
the resounding one
and to sneak another peek,
when she's done..

to hide from everything
that is just not her
and to open my eyes
to see, her, forever!