Friday, December 15, 2006

I saw a dream last night..
I saw a dream last night..
and am wondering what it was..
and i don't know how it came to me
the "No Entry" sign - trespassed!

i really dont like seeing dreams
i hate to dream anymore..
i love to hate my dreams by now -
and hate it to my heart's core!

but what i saw yesterday was
something different and new
i dont know if you've gone through this
it left me without a clue!

i was walking without an aim..
i was walking down the street
strange and livid people i met
- the strangest i'd ever meet!

all of them wore a mask
that hid emotions behind a smile
all of them, eerily happy!
t'was nothing more than their guile!

t'was strange, but strangely true
that they really looked happy and glee
but i just couldn't gulp down that fact
and my mind, it just wanted to flee

flee and run to a distant land
where my sorrows i would find
i don't know why i've been dreaming so
maybe, its just my distressed mind!

Now am awake and widely too
but still, i am not so sure -
whether i dreamt of happiness
or of sorrow and its hues?

as the fog lifts off my mind
and as things - clearer they seem,
maybe i should go back to sleep
and find out what was my dream! :-D

as i perfrom that solemn task
i wish you melodious clefs
and that you have a musical weekend
as we all chorus "TGIF!"
(jst a random - Friday morn poem for colleagues...)
-David Antony, 15/12/2006

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Loved and lost?....

Is there sadness in my eyes?
Does my smile speak of pain?

Is my laughter masked with sorrow?
Am I crying once again?

Is there hope for tomorrow?

Will I see a dawn once again?
Am I destined to lose it all?
Are my tears flowing in vain?

Does love have a meaning,
if two loving hearts can’t unite?
Do relationships have a meaning –
When all you can do is fight?

Have you seen a tunnel,
that has no start, no end?
Am I looking down one such,
or is it just a bend?

What happened to those days?
When nothing seemed to go wrong?
Where did I lose those moments?
Or was it Utopia all along?

What happened to that smile,
That never left my face?
Did she run away?
To sorrow, she lost the race?

What wrong have I done?
Why should I pay the cost?

Are all doors really closed on me?
Have I really loved and lost?

Did you hear footsteps?
Is something coming my way?
Oh! That’s just a bag of sorrows -
And they are here to stay!

David Antony,
02/11/2006, 23:59

Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Happy Dosti Day
The eternal pessimist asked me once..
Tell me who is a friend for you?
Er, Umm...i fumbled for words..
well, i was searching for answers true

With a firm voice, I said,
"A friend is more than a word"
but the pessimist could not understand
that emotions overrule words..

"The one who makes you laugh
and wipes your tears away.."
The pessimist laughed and said
"There are comedy shows and tissues too, anyways!"

"The one who knows that you are strong
and knows your weaknesses too!" -
i said with pride on my face
but the pessimist laughed and said "poooh pooh"

i got tired of explaning to him
what i mean by a friend..
So i just pointed to YOU -
and said "This is the meaning of a Friend!"

That did the trick, you know
the pessimist was silenced forever!
and he knows that- pessimism is no match
for a Friend who stays for ever..

So as i fondly cherish and remember
each of my special friends today,
with a gleaming smile and proud a heart
i wish you - A Very Happy Dosti Day....
David Antony
Dedicated to all my friends and especially - Pramod, Sunil, Ashish, Gayu, Puja, Muddu, Prad, Sahil, Tarun, Minu, Shwets, Merc, Shammi, Vinee, RT, Glo, Nams, Manju, Ben.. and all of you... thank u for your beautiful friendship

Thursday, July 27, 2006

i was getting ready for office
and she said she's coming along...
how could i say "no"?
but she said she'll stay for long!

i let her come with me
and she stayed so close, oh my!
so many glances and stares..
they were having fun - the people going by

She just stuck to my lips!
no, she didn't do it by guile...
i tried hard to stop her but
no way, she wont go - my sMiLe! :-)

TGIF!!! have a beautiful day and a wonderful weekend!!!

David Antony

Thursday, April 06, 2006

You need a li’l color on your face!!

Searching for something?
Are you feeling out of place?
I just know what you need –
You need a li’l color on your face!!

Look beyond your computer screen
There’s life above and beyond
There’s a world without copy-paste
Where e-mails don’t surround!

Have you ever tried to look around?
Or are you busy running the race?
I just know what you need –
You need a li’l color on your face!!

Look beyond the crowded bus
There’s life outside and beyond
There’s a world with green grass and seas
Where worries don’t surround

Have you ever tried lending a helping hand?
Or are you just trying to hide your face?
I just know what you need –
You need a li’l color on your face!!

Look beyond long working hours
there’s life after and beyond
There’s a world where time stands still
where happiness surrounds!

Have you ever tried to blaze your trail?
Or are you still lost in the corporate maze?
I just know what you need –
You need a li’l color on your face!!

Look beyond the corporate ladder
There are things taller and more profound
There’s a time for everything
when you too, will prosper and abound

Have you ever watched children play with colors?
Do you feel its just a silly craze?
I just know what you need –
You need a li’l color on your face!!

So try to add some color to your life
Don’t you just sit around and whine!!!
I don’t know what you are up to folks
But, I am already coloring mine!

David Antony

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Do we need Feb 14th??

They say it's the Valentine's
isn't it a day like any other?
Some people make it special
some people never bother

i gave ample thought to this...
do we need a special day?
if we really care about someone
can't we say it just any day?

Partly true, i did feel
but i also thought a lot
why do we have the Feb 14th?
what is this hype all about?

then my scarce wisdom bank
lent me some food for thought
your money can buy many things
but love cannot be bought

In this pathetic race of life
our voices get supressed
though there's love deep in our being
it rarely gets expressed

So as we have this day on hand
Why dont we speak our mind?
some people who are near you now
maybe, tomorrow you wont find

So as you express your feelings to
Your Parents,Kids, Beloved and Friends
i pray, that as your river of life flows
may the love in it never end

Whoa! Now i'd like to end my words
B'coz i always have too much to say
so i'd better end it now
by wishing you 'A HaPpY VaLeNtInE's DaY!'

David Antony

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


A tragic tale uwinds here my friends. My morning was awesome soon as i entered the office today, i was pestered with questions - right from the ever-alert and always-yawning security guard to the ever-'concerned' and always-smirking PMs......everyone wanted to know what happened to my eyes...... Sulkingly, though i had to speak the truth......
This is what i said to all of them.......

"I was walking along my lane today
when i winked at a girl so cute
Well, i didnt know she had a brother
so big and so very brute.....

He gave me a gift - a mighty punch
and taught me a new lesson altogehter
now, before i wink at any girl- i ask,
"Lady, do you have a big brother??."

So my eyes are red and my heart has fled
to a land of sorrow and mourning
but i can't stop from wishing you all
a Bright and lovely - BEST MORNING.."