Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Weaving a dream...

shall i weave you a dream
to sweep you off your feet,
set you floating,
buzzing like a bee..
And when mid-air
smile, all you can
like the princess
who was called pretty
by the mirror on the wall!

I would gladly be the weaver
and go on weaving this dream
but wouldn't you rather,
we both stayed awake
and saw the same dream?
Or should we both go to sleep
stay suspended in reality
and when there, ask the mirror
what's the writing on the wall?

we will be each other's wall
and i will be your mirror
like you'd be mine
and then what we see
will be real or a dream?
by then it won't matter
for a new state of existence
will arrive, where from within
reality, we will weave :)