Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Do we need Feb 14th??

They say it's the Valentine's
isn't it a day like any other?
Some people make it special
some people never bother

i gave ample thought to this...
do we need a special day?
if we really care about someone
can't we say it just any day?

Partly true, i did feel
but i also thought a lot
why do we have the Feb 14th?
what is this hype all about?

then my scarce wisdom bank
lent me some food for thought
your money can buy many things
but love cannot be bought

In this pathetic race of life
our voices get supressed
though there's love deep in our being
it rarely gets expressed

So as we have this day on hand
Why dont we speak our mind?
some people who are near you now
maybe, tomorrow you wont find

So as you express your feelings to
Your Parents,Kids, Beloved and Friends
i pray, that as your river of life flows
may the love in it never end

Whoa! Now i'd like to end my words
B'coz i always have too much to say
so i'd better end it now
by wishing you 'A HaPpY VaLeNtInE's DaY!'

David Antony