Sunday, November 20, 2011

unformatted text

please dont be a
bulleted list
i like you
like unformatted text
do not care about
commas or such
i like you
like your flowing words!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Back and Forth..... and Back Again?

my heart ached,
how could i leave it unfinished?
i took steps to go away,
but went back
and forth
and back again....
oh, the pain!

my lips parched,
i cant leave it half-done -
no, i cannot go away!
i will go back
and forth
and back again...
can't refrain

my heart raced,
oh why is it so tough
to just leave it and run!
do i have to go back
and forth
and back again?
am i that insane?

like with unfinished stories,
from half-attended coffee mugs -
i cant walk away...
i will go back
and forth
and back again
and again and again! :)

[Well, this is what it does to you when you leave your coffee mug unfinished in the morning and rush back and forth wanting to dash to work but still not wanting to let go of coffee! :D]

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Antidote or Pain?

She calms me, she claims me
she lays me bare
she finds me, she holds me
catches me unawares!

She plays me, she teases
sets up a trap!
she looks at me, she gestures
and am stuck in a time wrap!

She loves me, she hates me
and loves me again
she hurts me, she nurses
is both the antidote and the pain!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


if you had to ask me what stimulation means
or what being-turned on is
or what being on high is all about....

if you ask me what seduction means
or how going weak in the knees feels like
or what's it like to to be intoxicated...

if you were to ask me what lifts me up
or what keeps me on toes
or what i am longing for...

i'd reply,
Coffee? :)

(Coffee comes to the rescue most of the times when i feel so sleepy and like the "dumb-self" in distress...such times, and especially when in office, coffee is the knight-ess in no armor ;)..)

Sunday, July 03, 2011


being happy is easy
really is
i do not have to think much
when i think of bliss...

just have to close my eyes,
think of you
and there's the happiness streak
that leads to you!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

rain, rain,
only if you'd come by
you'd ease the pain!

oh come by when you do,
come and slide over
no.. dont refrain..

the way you wet
my parched soul and life
cant you just remain?

i know you're there,
lurking looking...
and am waiting for you again!

oh rain!....

(pic clicked at Munnar, 2009)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thought of You...

thought of you,
yet again
and stopping by to look,
to see, to say
to smile, to sway!

thought of the smile,
yet again
and passing by to steal,
a glance, a wink
to dream, to think!

thought of the laugh,
yet again
and flying by to feel,
the breeze, the wind
to smile, to grin!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My share of sky...

its not far away -the sky,
it just seems so
if you just reach out,
you'll see, you'll know..

stop trying,
stop trying to be happy or sad -
it is just around the corner..
true emotions, ain't frilly fad!

right within your reach,
is your share of sky :-)
reach out for the rainbow -
it's right here, the sky, your smile!

Monday, January 31, 2011

The Fling! ;-)

what is it
but a feeling first..
and slowly surely,
there's a fling burst ;)

and then this fling
takes you where
your thoughts have not
it lays bare -

the real and the unreal,
such is a flight
Tw'ixt dreams and the real
oh and then surely the plight?

yes, when they land
these unreal flights
with a jolt here and there –
lo behold, there's a fight :D

from the feeling to the fling
and when it turns to a flight
all is well, yes, all is
until the flight turns a fight ;)

so before you get into
feeling the fling –
beware my friend!
of such rambling! :D

To hide...

to hide from her smile,
from that teasing glance
and to sneak a look
when i have a chance...

to hide from her laughter -
the resounding one
and to sneak another peek,
when she's done..

to hide from everything
that is just not her
and to open my eyes
to see, her, forever!