Tuesday, January 17, 2006


A tragic tale uwinds here my friends. My morning was awesome today......as soon as i entered the office today, i was pestered with questions - right from the ever-alert and always-yawning security guard to the ever-'concerned' and always-smirking PMs......everyone wanted to know what happened to my eyes...... Sulkingly, though i had to speak the truth......
This is what i said to all of them.......

"I was walking along my lane today
when i winked at a girl so cute
Well, i didnt know she had a brother
so big and so very brute.....

He gave me a gift - a mighty punch
and taught me a new lesson altogehter
now, before i wink at any girl- i ask,
"Lady, do you have a big brother??."

So my eyes are red and my heart has fled
to a land of sorrow and mourning
but i can't stop from wishing you all
a Bright and lovely - BEST MORNING.."