Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Tap Dance

your fingers tap dance
oh they bestow this pain
don’t you play on me like that
lending an illusion of rain

while your dance produces
words of love, lust and chains
of thoughts that play
in delight sometimes, and sometimes in disdain

i like it when you glide on me
your touch of benevolent grace
and the times when you pause
and look down on my face

but when you're done with me
you tap on me no more
and tuck me away somewhere
waiting for more taps in store

take me out, i wait
for your touch again this time
you wouldn't find a better keyboard
for what you shell out in dimes!

The Ground Beneath my Feet...

Who moved the ground
beneath my feet?
Was it that look,
or is that how you treat
every eye that looks at
your graceful smile
and every heart that
beats in ways so wild?!

As i stay suspended mid-air
with the ground beneath me gone
i wonder if i'll fly
or be flung down like a stone? -
come what may, i know
i dont have a chance
i know i am falling
i might as well dance! :)