Thursday, September 04, 2014

Our butterfly...

Can you cocoon me in your presence?
Shield me from all that's not you?
Can you hold me tight long enough
Till happy thoughts in my heart brew?

And when I finally feel your breath in my being
I will flap my wings and fly...
For it will be a new creation
It will be our butterfly :)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

As in the days of yore...

i hold your gaze in my heart
the one that still pierces
my insides... and when done,
giggles, silly like a child -
naughty and innocent
and in so many ways, wild!

as wild and vivid as it can be,
i bring it back from memories
to revel in the quiet of the night
and run riot in my ecstatic mind -
waiting for serendipity to come by
and for my being to rejoice in that find!

I often pretend you're here
and sneak a glance or two and smile
in that feeling of joy, knowing
what will be, if deja vu happens -
only i'd want it to happen again
and again - more regular than often!

Will you wake me up some day,
snapping me from this happy dream?
Of your eyes meeting mine...
To say, while holding my gaze,
"Wake up, dreamer, i am here
..why are you still amazed?"

That is when i will tell you
of the thousand adjectives
and exclamations i saved for this day! -
only to be speechless again, lost like before
and see you shake your head, and walk away
like you did in the days of yore!

31st August, 2014

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

That time...

the night is young
wont you be mine?
wont you stay a li'l while?
maybe dance longer on my wrist?
Tempt me good - 
yeah, tempt me bad!

i'd rather stay
and see you smile
but you dont given in -
just escape, you wily thing
you push me far,
you pull me back!

yet i wait for you
for those moments
the silence of the night
muted screams of delight!
You make me smile,
you make me frown!

i look forward 
to seeing you tonight
as you reveal 
yourself, bit by bit
you show me some
and then you hide!

and so goes, 
those hours - every night
in a sensuous rush - every chime!
lo behold, such is time....
she makes you wait,
she makes you pine!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Weaving a dream...

shall i weave you a dream
to sweep you off your feet,
set you floating,
buzzing like a bee..
And when mid-air
smile, all you can
like the princess
who was called pretty
by the mirror on the wall!

I would gladly be the weaver
and go on weaving this dream
but wouldn't you rather,
we both stayed awake
and saw the same dream?
Or should we both go to sleep
stay suspended in reality
and when there, ask the mirror
what's the writing on the wall?

we will be each other's wall
and i will be your mirror
like you'd be mine
and then what we see
will be real or a dream?
by then it won't matter
for a new state of existence
will arrive, where from within
reality, we will weave :)

Monday, January 20, 2014


knots, so many of them
tied and untied
until i know no more
what knots i need
what knots i don't
all i know is
not to note
this particular knot...

there are some easy ones
like the ones i started tying
my laces with and the
ones i'd use to fix my tie!
and all tied up now
i dont know
how to untie, or what to
until it is naught...

and finally when it comes
to nothing but naught
i shall think about getting
knotty again, or naughty is it?
i dont know, really
all the notes i made to not
think about this knot
makes me distraught...

here's the resolution then
i shall make or not
make this year:
what i should and what
i should not -
is not in my control
for i am forever
perplexed by the thought:
to be or knot, to be?

(how random inspirations can be - stumbled upon the headline "untying the knots" on a news Website and those words wouldn't go away till they stringed themselves together here :D ..)