Thursday, November 02, 2006

Loved and lost?....

Is there sadness in my eyes?
Does my smile speak of pain?

Is my laughter masked with sorrow?
Am I crying once again?

Is there hope for tomorrow?

Will I see a dawn once again?
Am I destined to lose it all?
Are my tears flowing in vain?

Does love have a meaning,
if two loving hearts can’t unite?
Do relationships have a meaning –
When all you can do is fight?

Have you seen a tunnel,
that has no start, no end?
Am I looking down one such,
or is it just a bend?

What happened to those days?
When nothing seemed to go wrong?
Where did I lose those moments?
Or was it Utopia all along?

What happened to that smile,
That never left my face?
Did she run away?
To sorrow, she lost the race?

What wrong have I done?
Why should I pay the cost?

Are all doors really closed on me?
Have I really loved and lost?

Did you hear footsteps?
Is something coming my way?
Oh! That’s just a bag of sorrows -
And they are here to stay!

David Antony,
02/11/2006, 23:59