Saturday, April 25, 2009

Life for Rent...

...thanks to Dido - me and my friend, Shruti: had a good exchange of thoughts on our Orkut scrapbooks, in a different style though :-D

She has the lyrics of the song Life for Rent on her profile... and to that song, i replied, and then she did, and then i and then she....:

it is just a thought, only a thought :-)

If my life is for rent...

if it is,
till when, why
did you think of it?
did you reason why?

only a thought,
i agree, yes
but what's the root -
did you address?

if only a thought,
let it be, let it be...
for when it passes,
you'll smile, happily :-)

thoughts are troublesome
you may think those will pass...
they do not go away so easy...
will move keeping the scars apast

if my life is for rent..
I will see who would love it
because I want to see...
If it's all good I am living with...

but as if now, It's just a thought...
thinking about life is little pain
dont think the thoughts have no roots
it has been long time...since it rained...

thoughts, troublesome or not
are replaced some day,
by new thoughts -
that will come your way...

for rent, lease, mortgage
temporarily, it is, can be...
but, remember, this time, these words
when they'll be gone, we'll still be :-)

let thoughts be thoughts
for they sprout anew
the rain, it will fall -
and your spirits renew :-)

Shruti: u said..
I will be waiting
for the new thoughts...
I will keep waiting

I hope that
new thoughts will sprout
give me a new life
I will keep waiting

I will live my life
no matter how it is
will not wait for others to decide...
my life is not for evaluating...

by those people
who never lived life..
and will not ever be living
I will not be waiting

I have released the thought
of renting my life..
I will myself take over it...
I cant be waiting...

happy waiting,
i wish, i pray
and next time, they come
talk aloud, i say..

for when you air them
someone will catch, speak
give back new thoughts,
and answers that you seek

hApPy living,
not rented, renting - but your own
for the seeds for the new
are already sown....

you cant be waiting.
not now, not later
for that moment is now
and there is no greater!

so, spread your wings -
that's been drawn, close, shut
take out the signboard -
tell the world, the renting shop is shut :-D be continued :-)

26th April, 2009