Monday, November 03, 2008


Does everyone
in their lifetime once,
have to say good bye?
Even when
not wanting to
do those moments just pass by?

Why, why,
why do we grow close to someone
only to go our own ways?!
Is this life?
that all of us live?
can we but otherwise, say?

I Don't know,
no, i don't! - what it is
and what is not
For even as
am still dreaming,
one by one, the dreams are shot!

Does it end?
once and for all?
the coming close and going apart?
If it wasn't,
if it wasn't to be
then why did it have to start?

What remains?
nothing but memories -
the ones we love to cling on!
Whatever they be,
they are all you have!
and life - doesn't it still go on?

Smiling again -
does it happen?
or is it tears all along?
But wait -
what use are tears?
Wouldn't you rather Smile on?

when we say it daily
we mean to meet next day...
But this once -
when we say
we mean we're going away...

Going away?
to the seeing of again?
au revoir, i would say...
What else?
but i'll remember you
every night when i kneel to pray... :-)

David Antony,

(i wrote this as a reply to what one of my friends and a wonderful poet Vatsal had posted on a forum - it was an instant reply, so a li'l crude. But i felt it best to keep it that way so it is what it is, a reply to Vatsy, a poet i admire and a question to myself :-)...)