Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Happy Dosti Day
The eternal pessimist asked me once..
Tell me who is a friend for you?
Er, Umm...i fumbled for words..
well, i was searching for answers true

With a firm voice, I said,
"A friend is more than a word"
but the pessimist could not understand
that emotions overrule words..

"The one who makes you laugh
and wipes your tears away.."
The pessimist laughed and said
"There are comedy shows and tissues too, anyways!"

"The one who knows that you are strong
and knows your weaknesses too!" -
i said with pride on my face
but the pessimist laughed and said "poooh pooh"

i got tired of explaning to him
what i mean by a friend..
So i just pointed to YOU -
and said "This is the meaning of a Friend!"

That did the trick, you know
the pessimist was silenced forever!
and he knows that- pessimism is no match
for a Friend who stays for ever..

So as i fondly cherish and remember
each of my special friends today,
with a gleaming smile and proud a heart
i wish you - A Very Happy Dosti Day....
David Antony
Dedicated to all my friends and especially - Pramod, Sunil, Ashish, Gayu, Puja, Muddu, Prad, Sahil, Tarun, Minu, Shwets, Merc, Shammi, Vinee, RT, Glo, Nams, Manju, Ben.. and all of you... thank u for your beautiful friendship