Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Swinging... ;-)

I was swinging
Ahem! I mean, from tree to tree
And I was singing
Ever so happily!

Hopping from tree to tree
Oh what a fun it is :-)
If you haven’t tried it yet
you’ve missed it and the bliss!

Eve’thing was perfect
And everything so glee
Except for one awful moment
And my trademark stupidity!

I took a leap -
More than I could reach
And life decided
It had a new lesson to teach

Tumbling, falling, screaming -
I came crashing down
Eve’thing went up in air
All the laughter and the frowns

“Down comes the clown”,
said the onlookers and passers by...
And I tried my best to smile
but the fall didn’t help my “try”

“Thud” once, “thud” twice
and so many many more!
“Ouch” once and twice
and so many in store!

That gentle soothing sound within –
Firm and clear – it said to me
“grab a hold – right here, right now”
And I threw my arms – frantically

Ah! My hands - after all did
latch on to a branch!!
And hanging there in mid-air
i did an acrobatic dance ;-)

the more I danced, the more I thought
about the fall and such
but what else could I do now?
Just hang on - and nothing much…

Hanging on the branch of hope
I thought to myself now
Where did I go wrong?
How did I fall - just how?

The gentle soothing sound –
Yes, it spoke again!
“leave your grip and let go –
don’t live on with that pain”

Leave my grip and let go?
What a foolish thing to say!
I don’t know why – was I mad?
But I did it anyways!

I thought I was falling -
falling straight down…
but to my surprise, my feet -
they immediately felt firm ground!

Hanging on to that branch –
afraid of falling down…
I didn’t realize the fact -
I was just two feet off the ground ;-)

I walked off with a smile
and a lesson learnt that day
no more swinging from tree to tree
and reaching branches far, far away!

David Antony

Psst psst....On second thoughts….
Hanging on the branch of hope -
you never will know…
When your dreams answer you,
when at your doorstep show! :-)

So the question is - to hang or to let go? :-D