Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spotting the Stars....

i stepped out to spot the star
the one that'll stare back at me..
and when i smile at it -
smile back with endless glee...

so i began looking up above...
one, two, three and not one yet..
but i had just started counting -
so what was there to fret?

four and five and six,
and still no smiles my way..
where did those stars go?
not one did choose to stay?

there will be one...
i know there will be atleast one
for there were so many who'd smile at me -
can't believe, now, there's none!

one thousand and one..
and one thousand and two and three....
and one .......tho..
lo! i drifted into a sad, frustrated sleep

in my dreams i counted stars
and the count still stood at "nought"
i tried to think what it meant..
and i grew more restless as i thought...

i woke up with a start -
thought it was 'cause of the count - "none"
but.. i realized, it was something beautiful..
it was the bright and shining sun :-)

though the stars are gone -
i wont worry about 'em smiling back...
for my Sun is shining bright!
and my Smile is back on track :-)

David Antony,