Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Road Ahead

i wanted to tell her -
tell her not to go
we'd walk so many miles
she, me, our dreams...

we'd decide...
decide to leave eve'thing behind
stranded on the walk of life
our dreams, me, her absence

i see the road ahead..
the road ahead to nowhere!
i will keep walking
thinking, wondering, crying...

i'd be eager to look back
look back on the path we trod
and remember the times of joy -
of laughter, fun, and smiles

i'd like to know -
know where this road ends
for when it does, i'd lay down
my dreams, my heart, my hopes...

David Antony,

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Two steps with you in the walk of life,
two steps that have seen smiles and strife...
not the moon, the stars, or a bidding adieu,
all i want is to walk the remaining steps of my life with you! :-)
(Pic clicked @ Ocean Beach, San Francisco)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

When the Universe Stands Still...

Hark, night!...
don’t move, stay still
the starts, the moon – shine…
shine on my window sill

shine, shine brightly
make her eyes sparkle
and when your light falls on her face,
behold! A spectacle…

I’d want you to stay still night
till we stay in this embrace
and as I gaze into her eyes -
captivated by her grace…

in the closeness of the moment,
the universe will stand still…
and I know, me and her,
we’ll be glad for it to, we will! :-)

David Antony
1st May, 2008

(Photo clicked at Pier 39, San Francisco)