Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Peaceful chaos...

I don't recall
the last time a gaze
like this seeping through
every pore of mine!...
And while at it
circulating your being
within mine
creating chaos, peacefully!
To that glance
i reach out with mine
to gaze, to smile
to intertwine! :)

Friday, September 02, 2016

Sachets of Love

I am out of it,
won't you pour me some?
I could do with one,
or two or three-some!

I heard you have millions
of sachets of love
and maybe more –
stacked in your treasure trove?

Though wrapped and packed
with tender love and care
I hear your people tear it apart
laying the inside out bare?

And then they gobble it up
littering the sachet behind…
with bits and pieces of love
still stuck to the sides and rind!

I will pick each of these sachets
like a vagabond…looking for love
with the bits and pieces that stick out-
I will make my own treasure trove!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

She likes the shadows...

She likes the shadows...
darts in and out of 'em!
Hides herself when she wants
and shows up when it is time!
Weaving her smiles and frowns
in to the play of light and dark -
She hides her deepest desires
in the intricate maze of life!
But do we call 'em shadows
or just the absence of light?
Or is it light itself in guise
hidden from our sight?
Whatever the case maybe -
she's figured out the play too well!
That shadows exist only where
there is enough and more light!
So while she plays this game
of hide and seek with light...
Don't miss out the smile
that shines in light and shadow alike!

hooked on...

She got him hooked on to that benevolent smile!  Oh the sighs she launched outnumbered the clouds and the grains of sand put together!

Exaggeration, yes but that was the least of the "ex"-rated stuff she made him do. Excitement and exasperation were amongst the others!

Of course she had to just smile for his tail to wag him again. Such was her vice-like grip on him. That day she smiled some extra and he was hooked. She did not waste time to cast the line. She had another bait to catch.

The last thought that crossed his mind apart from the bubbles were her words when she'd ask him.. "would you wait for me with a-baited breath?"


Oh how she sighs...
It was love at first sigh -
for me..and I don't know about her..
but I was high!
Soaring in that feeling...
she launches me into orbit -
it's a different kind of space science!
The way she inhales...
her body rising to n-th scale
I watch her reach the peak!
And from there, she exhales
sending me into a tizzy
of thoughts and gasps and goose bumps!
Reveling in this high...
I wait, chin resting on my hands
waiting for her to sigh!

Lipstick stains...

Couldn't help but notice
The gleam in her eyes
The dancing flames from the candles
throwing both a glow and a shadow on her face
that glows golden now...
Maybe radiating what she's inside -
or maybe not... it is for me to find out!
The evening glides smooth, just like her
I'd almost slip on her smile if not for the table...
As she leans forward, her hands on me,
I can smell her perfume 
and can almost hear the thud inside her heart.
I know it is going to be an eventful night.. 
not that I wasn't expecting it -
but this woman was different..
I would be bluffing if I said 
i wasn't worked up when i moved from table on to her lap!
But here I try to be measured, cautious...
Soon enough, it is time to throw caution to the wind
as she catches hold of me!
I can see, I am only inches away from those lips 
and I know am destined to wipe her lipstick clean tonight!
And that's just what happens 
as she wipes her lips on me and puts me aside..
And there, she walks away 
with that man who sat across the table!
Of course she leaves me with a lipstick stain to show...

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Give me grey!

Give me grey...
for am tired of black and white
and of other colors that bleed
my existence of its essentiality!

Grey is my new red
and my green and yellow!
my kaleidoscope is filled with
monochromatic sensuality!

And monochrome is anything but boring -
If you read into the shades that be...
There are myriads of shades of grey
and infinite possibilities!

Here's my grey!
now, show me yours -
let us put the two side by side
and check the likelihood of a probability -

that both the greys are same!
The odds i say and see,
heavily stacked against this event -
giving rise to multiple realities!

So here's to your grey,
i raise a toast...and likewise,
i do to mine! - let's clink
and celebrate our diversity!

And when done, come see my shades
of dark, darker, darkest..
and the lighter shades of these -
and be prepared for any eventuality!

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Sensuous Night...

A gorgeous evening was turning into a night of sensuous vibes..
and that's when she asked me:
"Tell me dear, what else will turn you on...?"

She had her hands firmly on the straps of her dress..
as she threw that smile at me
I was caught off guard, that's something she could see vividly!

"Ahem", I cleared my thoughts...still reeling from that hit
...and attempted to address the bulge
that she'd cause in my throat!

"Undressing me or undressing you, won't help!
For undressing the thoughts and the feelings behind -
is what will matter to me and to you!

So then, let me look inside your head
and reach out and strip your thoughts as you do, mine..
And let me feel up your feelings!

This naked form is much more of what I want
for you will play with my mind -
A striptease of a different kind"...

Satisfied with my answer, I turned around in triumph!..
and there she was, spread-eagled.. hands still on her straps
snoring away sensuously!!!

Tuesday, March 01, 2016


My sighs have never been so
beautiful and longing...
But ever since we've been -
they come in all forms and styles
bringing with them an array of memories
and a string of desires
of what i miss and what could be!
I have never been so lost and high -
and there, yet again, i sigh!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Thoughtful Sin?

Want to look inside your head
and see what goes on inside...
Deep in the confines of what shows
I really want to see beyond...

Beyond all that is known
and all that is seen...
I want to trespass,
uninvited, unseen!

I will sneak in and peep to
see what transpires within -
when it is all calm without
and experience the living - 

Of how your feelings and emotions
meet and make out -
the raw expressions bare
where else would they stand out?

Don't wall up, now..let me in
let me soak in what's within...
who knows, your thoughts and mine
the twain might intertwine in some 'thought'ful sin?‎