Sunday, August 31, 2014

As in the days of yore...

i hold your gaze in my heart
the one that still pierces
my insides... and when done,
giggles, silly like a child -
naughty and innocent
and in so many ways, wild!

as wild and vivid as it can be,
i bring it back from memories
to revel in the quiet of the night
and run riot in my ecstatic mind -
waiting for serendipity to come by
and for my being to rejoice in that find!

I often pretend you're here
and sneak a glance or two and smile
in that feeling of joy, knowing
what will be, if deja vu happens -
only i'd want it to happen again
and again - more regular than often!

Will you wake me up some day,
snapping me from this happy dream?
Of your eyes meeting mine...
To say, while holding my gaze,
"Wake up, dreamer, i am here
..why are you still amazed?"

That is when i will tell you
of the thousand adjectives
and exclamations i saved for this day! -
only to be speechless again, lost like before
and see you shake your head, and walk away
like you did in the days of yore!

31st August, 2014