Sunday, December 13, 2015

Thoughtful Sin?

Want to look inside your head
and see what goes on inside...
Deep in the confines of what shows
I really want to see beyond...

Beyond all that is known
and all that is seen...
I want to trespass,
uninvited, unseen!

I will sneak in and peep to
see what transpires within -
when it is all calm without
and experience the living - 

Of how your feelings and emotions
meet and make out -
the raw expressions bare
where else would they stand out?

Don't wall up, now..let me in
let me soak in what's within...
who knows, your thoughts and mine
the twain might intertwine in some 'thought'ful sin?‎

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Textual advances...

You don't leave me with a choice!
I have to make a move,
The way you throw yourself at me -
catches me unawares and I almost lose it
When you reveal the hidden bit
And I see those red squiggly lines showing
I can't help but make textual advances on you...

And correct you, typO!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Rewriting (our) history...

A warm cup of tea,
and the breeze to accompany
there couldn't be a better setting
for you to saunter, walk in!

Of course we had history,
under the old, large rain tree...
but i wasn't sure if you'd remember
those li'l fires, and after, the embers?

What brings you here anyways?
the embers are long gone, the smoke astray...
there'd be but weathered signs
of conflict between the heart and mind!

If all you want to do is
traverse that path shroud in mist -
come, that's what i am up to
and that will make us two!

I have no clue, where we'll go
maybe beyond this shroud, we'll know
what's left of our history -
a spark, embers, a mystery?

where we get to, land or sea
together again - is the key!
let it stay, a mystery -
why don't we rewrite history? :)

Thursday, April 02, 2015


Sense and sensibility
seem to elude me..
When i am lost in
the sensuality you exude!

For i behold
your sensuousness and feel
all shaken and stirred inside...
yet nothing's still revealed! -

About how you feel
about my sidey glance!
And if it evokes
a look, maybe a chance?

To take things further -
maybe your place or mine?
Of course, we'd
make sure we wine and dine...

And then, i think again,
when sense kicks in...
And sensibility tickles
the gray cells within

To think over again -
if it really makes sense?
And then i see you... and give in
all thoughts brushed aside, as nonsense!