Monday, November 19, 2007

It Rained Today...

it rained today..
and i thought about you...
the last time it rained..
we were together - me and you...

Well, the rains are here again,
soothing, soaking the land, the mind
if only you were with me,
a rainbow i could find..

i kept walking on -
raindrops hitting my head,
they kept speaking to my heart,
like a thousand words unsaid..

they spoke about those moments,
the ones i long to relive -
the moments i miss the most..
the magic those moments weaved...

it stopped raining,
but the land was wet, kissed by the rain..
and my mind, my eyes - wet..
kissed by the memories, by pain..

am waiting, waiting for you..
waiting to be together again,
and for the rainbow; for
when we're together, it will rain...

David Antony,

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Leaves Come Falling Down....

Yes, the leaves are falling
one by one, down they come..
they are leaves of hope, leaves of joy,
and leaves of dreams - for some..

for me, they are leaves of yesterday,
the moments that are gone by,
one by one they come falling down..
as each moment bids good-bye..

as i look forward, new moments -
new leaves will be coming soon..
and as i wait in joyful hope
the leaves, flowers, they will bloom...

David Antony,


Friday, September 07, 2007

The Teardrop………

I saw a teardrop and asked
"Hey, whom do u belong to?"
It said, "I am rolling down your cheeks"
"so I belong to the one called 'you'"

I was startled, I was surprised
To realize that I was crying
I wasn't so sure it was true
The teardrop could have been lying!

So I asked the teardrop again
The reason why it came down
It said, the only reason was,
"You have been feeling down"

I laughed it off and I told the tear,
"I am laughing, it's not a frown!"
Your laughter is, but a mask, it said
To hide the sorrows deep down.

Was it right? Was I wrong?
I called my heart to find out
"Hey heart, are you hurt?"
it heard, and it cried aloud.

Hurt it was, I could see
As my heart cried its heart out
I couldn't see as plain a fact
And my heart began to rant about

It ranted about the betrayals -
The hurt that my neared ones gave
Friends, relatives, and myself –
With my heart they misbehaved

I'd realize now, albeit a bit late
That I was really hurt deep down
My heart was bleeding; it's true
My laughter was a disguised frown

And as I turned to address
The teardrop once again,
It had fallen down my cheeks
I was crying with hurt, with pain!

----David Antony

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Happy Teacher's Day

To my Teachers,
for they taught me many things
and more than that
put the spark of curiosity in me...

To my Parents,
for they taught me what life is
and also made me what i am-
awakened the spirit of humanitiy...

To my Sisters,
for they taught me what patience is
and put up with all my tantrums, snobbiness -
awakened love and understanding in me...

To Her,
for she taught me what love is
and made me believe in myself -
taught me what "missing" someone means...

To my Friends,
for they taught me the meaning of friendship
and have been with me through everything -
taught me the spirit of "Friends Forever"-ness

David Antony,

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A fleeting thought,a glorified word,
that is not what Freedom is...
A bunch of songs, a flag to boast,
Freedom is much more than this...
It is a state of mind, it is a way of life
it is to live with pride - not just survive...
the whole world knows and so sings the wind -
come join me as i shout, Jai Hind

David Antony

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Happy Dosti Day

Raindrops adorn my window pane,
and there's a rainbow,
stretched across my memory lane..

The colors are few but they are true,
and one beautiful color,
my Friend, is You! :-)

A Happy Dosti Day to All my Friends...
Pramod, Sunil, Ashish, Gayu, Muddu, Shammi, Mercy, Shrads, Navya, Viv, Shabbu, Jiu, Dushman, Prad, Minu, Pappu, Jawzzie, Sahil, Anu, Gappu, Sri, Ani, and all friends who've strummed the strings of my life and left a tone that'll be a melody for me all my life...

Monday, July 30, 2007

Glued to ur chairs,
earning for your life??
What's the big deal folks
if u cant get out and enjoy?

Did you see the raindrops falling?
Did you watch the leaves dance?
Did you ever peep out of your window
to see nature's beauty, by any chance?

I went out and felt the falling raindrops
I went and with the leaves i danced
I went out and made the most of life
Maybe, i wont get a second chance!

- David Antony

Monday, May 14, 2007

Rain your smiles
Rain your smiles on me..
and when it's flooded all around..
i'll ask for more rain to fall on me!

Rain your tears
Rain your tears on me..
and when it's rained all tears that you've got..
i'll pray that the tear-rain - may never be!

Rain your Love
Rain your Love all around..
and when it's flooded and raining still...
i'll be glad to plunge and get drowned!

David; 14/05/2007