Monday, January 20, 2014


knots, so many of them
tied and untied
until i know no more
what knots i need
what knots i don't
all i know is
not to note
this particular knot...

there are some easy ones
like the ones i started tying
my laces with and the
ones i'd use to fix my tie!
and all tied up now
i dont know
how to untie, or what to
until it is naught...

and finally when it comes
to nothing but naught
i shall think about getting
knotty again, or naughty is it?
i dont know, really
all the notes i made to not
think about this knot
makes me distraught...

here's the resolution then
i shall make or not
make this year:
what i should and what
i should not -
is not in my control
for i am forever
perplexed by the thought:
to be or knot, to be?

(how random inspirations can be - stumbled upon the headline "untying the knots" on a news Website and those words wouldn't go away till they stringed themselves together here :D ..)