Friday, December 15, 2006

I saw a dream last night..
I saw a dream last night..
and am wondering what it was..
and i don't know how it came to me
the "No Entry" sign - trespassed!

i really dont like seeing dreams
i hate to dream anymore..
i love to hate my dreams by now -
and hate it to my heart's core!

but what i saw yesterday was
something different and new
i dont know if you've gone through this
it left me without a clue!

i was walking without an aim..
i was walking down the street
strange and livid people i met
- the strangest i'd ever meet!

all of them wore a mask
that hid emotions behind a smile
all of them, eerily happy!
t'was nothing more than their guile!

t'was strange, but strangely true
that they really looked happy and glee
but i just couldn't gulp down that fact
and my mind, it just wanted to flee

flee and run to a distant land
where my sorrows i would find
i don't know why i've been dreaming so
maybe, its just my distressed mind!

Now am awake and widely too
but still, i am not so sure -
whether i dreamt of happiness
or of sorrow and its hues?

as the fog lifts off my mind
and as things - clearer they seem,
maybe i should go back to sleep
and find out what was my dream! :-D

as i perfrom that solemn task
i wish you melodious clefs
and that you have a musical weekend
as we all chorus "TGIF!"
(jst a random - Friday morn poem for colleagues...)
-David Antony, 15/12/2006