Saturday, March 19, 2016

Give me grey!

Give me grey...
for am tired of black and white
and of other colors that bleed
my existence of its essentiality!

Grey is my new red
and my green and yellow!
my kaleidoscope is filled with
monochromatic sensuality!

And monochrome is anything but boring -
If you read into the shades that be...
There are myriads of shades of grey
and infinite possibilities!

Here's my grey!
now, show me yours -
let us put the two side by side
and check the likelihood of a probability -

that both the greys are same!
The odds i say and see,
heavily stacked against this event -
giving rise to multiple realities!

So here's to your grey,
i raise a toast...and likewise,
i do to mine! - let's clink
and celebrate our diversity!

And when done, come see my shades
of dark, darker, darkest..
and the lighter shades of these -
and be prepared for any eventuality!

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