Thursday, August 18, 2016

Lipstick stains...

Couldn't help but notice
The gleam in her eyes
The dancing flames from the candles
throwing both a glow and a shadow on her face
that glows golden now...
Maybe radiating what she's inside -
or maybe not... it is for me to find out!
The evening glides smooth, just like her
I'd almost slip on her smile if not for the table...
As she leans forward, her hands on me,
I can smell her perfume 
and can almost hear the thud inside her heart.
I know it is going to be an eventful night.. 
not that I wasn't expecting it -
but this woman was different..
I would be bluffing if I said 
i wasn't worked up when i moved from table on to her lap!
But here I try to be measured, cautious...
Soon enough, it is time to throw caution to the wind
as she catches hold of me!
I can see, I am only inches away from those lips 
and I know am destined to wipe her lipstick clean tonight!
And that's just what happens 
as she wipes her lips on me and puts me aside..
And there, she walks away 
with that man who sat across the table!
Of course she leaves me with a lipstick stain to show...

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